2018, Aug 30    

The pass of time.

I don´t know if this is a joke, but one day you´re a baby, who is not even consiuous of it´s own existence, then you become a child, known as an inocent, happy creature.You play with empty boxes, play with imaginary friends, do the “the floor is lava challenge” all the time and not to record it and be popular or something like that in the social media, cry all the time and recive nocturanl unicorn vistis, what?! Only me? Hah…I guess I´m special. Then you go to school, yes school that happy place of what we dreamed all our life.There we can meet friends and not speak with them in class, ignore them or fight with the teachers. The school, the beautiful building full of nice people with which we always wanted to be and don´t forget about exams, who doesn´t like to memorise ten books in a year and then write about it? But you grow up.


Now you´re a teenager, congratulations! And you have your responsabilities. So cool, right? You´re like an adult but with other adults around that tell you what to do and how to do it because you are a child. It´s strange. The people around you can´t decide if you´re an adult or a child so they say you´re a “teenager”. It´s pretty comfortable for them to say that you are a grown up person and you have to be responsable and do all by yourself, but then when it comes to let you permission to go out or let you decide what you want they say that you´re not old enough to complain because you have not right to tell others what to do. A pretty confusing phase.

Then you realise that you´re an adult! Fantastic, amazing! Your life depends on you, you choose your style of life, life….life that seemed so difficult…now can be easier because you are able to fulfil your dreams, your expectations…Dreams…But when? If you don´t even have time to sleep? You have work, a mortgage to pay, shopping list to complete, maybe kids to raise…You have to work, to save money, to do sports because you don´t want to have a huge dewlap …or something worse, have fat legs…:(

And then you´re life passes…Wrinckles appear,you get older, you start to be even more lazy and you didn´t think that that was possible!

And then you die…Sad, right? After all the good things that you did? And you know what? It´s will never be enough, NEVER. You either had a happy or an unhappy life, that depends on your angle to see things, but if you´re asking yourself if you did all that you could do, the answer is no. Your life could be a mess but it could be messier, your life could be a total success…but it could be more successeful. And you know what, you´ll never now because you died. Ah no wait, you din´t die if you´re reading this, life is like a film with only one spoiler, death, but it doesn´t say that the film can´t be incredible. So yes now you can go and do something productive because nobody is going to do that for you (and because of that nobody is perfect). Try to do something to fill complete, because you only live once :)